THE BBC RELEASED A TAPE IN WHICH DYLAN ADMITED HE WAS A HEROIN ADDICT. THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN SAYING FOR DECADES! You can read about Dylan's poems praising heroin in THE Hector Schmeckter. section of this Encyclopedia. So many years have passed and Dylan is still mad at me. I haven't held anymore demonstrations but I have launched a media campaign to show him up for the scumbag that he really is. I published the Dylan to English Dictionary, a first step along the way to understanding Dylanese, then Rightwing Bob and finally a re-working of Rightwing Bob entitled The Devil and Bob Dylan. Then there was the movie, The Ballad of A. J. Weberman. I finally got the fuckers number. The maggot turned out to be totally nuts, a sick self-hating Holocaust denying, HIV-ridden sex addict, Israel hating, dope fiend, racist wanna be Klansman. A fucking nut job. A Jew who supported David Duke. The sad part is that he wasn't always like that - at one point he was a tough, proud, angry Jew who wanted to join the chaya (animal) squad of the Jewish Defense League and go after Nazis. I was the sick one back then as I supported the Palestinians in their effort to establish a homeland which would ultimately be used to attack Israel. I didn't like him doing dugi cause I thought it was dangerous and had an adverse effect on personality. Dylan knew good but choose evil. In Idiot Wind Dylan wrote "One day you'll be in a ditch flies buzzin round your eyes" one day Weberman will be in his grave and the sound of pants flies opening will fill the air as people piss on his grave. We shall see.