It is May 26. Forget it's my birthday. There is a far more happier occasion on this date. On May 26, 1997 Bob Dylan was admitted to a hospital and diagnosed with disseminated histoplasmosis, a disease that attacks those with low T-cell counts like HIV Positive rock star sex addicts. Back then I would have been very sad if Dylan croaked. Now that I realize he is an Israel hating Holocaust denying self-hating Jew I would be happy except for one thing. No more songs about the Dylan / Weberman mythology and no more videos where I get knee-capped which I find humorous rather than paranoia inducing. But the thing is no one is aware of this subcontent and Dylan remains an icon of the Left.

Well Bobby found Al on Elizabeth street
On one fatefull day
Beat up Weberman and threw his free bob dylan button away
He was a mean man that mean old Bobby Z

Well the judge he said to Bobby Z
You did the right thing
even tho two bums asked weberman
did he get anything?
He liked to roll hippies
That mean old bobby Z


Idiot wind, the Bob Dylan of rap music
You’re an idiot, baby, you should become a student
Oh, you gonna learn today
Where the fuck have you been
The world’s under new management
The new role model, fuck this Zoolander shit

Rap music is indigenous to a perpetual criminal class of African Americans and only promulgates the gangster lifestyle living big then landing in jail, fathering another generation of criminals baby mama can't control etc. using death drugs, selling death drugs, black on black crime, black crime (big contributing factor to racism) so it is no surprise that JZ should have no clue to what Idiot Wind is about. The last lines of this rap song in which he answers his critics regarding his trip to Cuba vocalizes some moronic idea that the New World Order, whatever the fuck that is, is being destroyed and the Jews (Zoolander was a film staring Ben Stiller, a Jew) and Z as in Zionist are soon going to be out of power.


This song is about Blacks. Find out more in the Encylopedia Dylanologica



REVIEW FROM DYLAN FANZINE: This is another book by Dylan's long time adversary A.J. Weberman. Now back in the day, 30 plus years ago, I had a soft spot for ol' AJ; he was extremely sharp-witted and a fair amount of what he wrote about Dylan's lyrics made sense - at least it did to me. He also managed to "liberate" some truly great Dylan tapes and was willing to share these. Looking back now, that "seems like a long time ago, long before the stars were torn down" and AJ lost the plot. Unfortunately, as the years have gone by AJ's theories have become more and more bizarre to the point of pure lunacy. Weberman's long time fixation with Dylan has now become what appears to be an almost pathological obsession. In actual fact, with the advancement of age, both Dylan and A.J. seem to have become much more intense and belligerent. The letter A.J. sent me with the book was headed "Bob Dylan hates Gays and wants to kill Obama". Need I go further? (NOTE: no line by line refutation of my translation, just dismissal.) Ji


Who got a case of HIV? Who wants to hang blacks from a tree?
Must be Dylan, must be Dylan, must be Dylan, Dylan-Claus
Who says he likes David Duke?
Who says Dylanologists make him puke?
Dylanologists make him puke, David Duke, hangin' tree, HIV
Must be Dylan, must be Dylan, Dylan-Claus
Who was once a smack head? Who pretended to be a Red?
A smack head, Commie Red, Dylanologists makes him puke,
David Duke, hangin' tree, HIV
Must be Dylan Must be Dylan must be Dylan, Dylan Claus
Who gave Rabbi Kahane a grand? Who now hates the Holy land?
Must be Dylan Must be Dylan must be Dylan Claus
Kahane grand, holy land, smack head, Commie Red
Dylanologists makes him puke, David Duke, hangin' tree, HIV
Must be Dylan must be Dylan Dylan Claus
Who thinks Obama's birthcertificate is a fake?
Who says black politicians are all on the take?
Obama certificate fake, on the take, Kahane grand, holy land, smack head, Commie Red
Dylanologists makes him puke, David Duke, hangin' tree, HIV
Must be Dylan must be Dylan Dylan Claus
Who said only hundreds of thousands of Jews died? Who's an accessory to genocide?
Must be Dylan must be Dylan Dylan Claus
Six millions did not die, genocide, Obama certificate fake, on the take, Kahane grand, holy land, smack head, Commie Red
Dylanologists makes him puke, David Duke, hangin' tree, HIV Must be scum bag, Must be scum bag Claus!



For $17 INCLUDING POSTAGE! you get a book that is 500 PAGES AND FULLY ILLUSTRATED all about the man who was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by our first black president despite the fact that Dylan's pro-civil rights poems contain racist subcontent and pro-apartheid thinking. The reason Dylan wore dark glasses is because living with decades of HIV made his eyes light sensitive.

The premise of The Devil and Bob Dylan is that in 1961 Bob Dylan sold his soul to the Civil Rights Movement in order to become rich and famous when in reality he was a racist pig. Take this example from his book Tarantula, “& into the march now where tab hunter leads with his thunderbird…” “& into the march now” the words “march” and “now” as in "Freedom Now!" denotes the Civil Rights Movement. In Ballad of a Thin Man 1966 Dylan described a single-minded monstrous minority group as shouting the word [Freedom] Now! “You see this one-eyed midget shouting the word now!” So we are into the Civil Rights Movement “where tab hunter” a famous actor, “leads with his thunderbird” leads the march driving a Thunderbird automobile. So what? Who cares? But if you look at the word “tab” as a bill or check, such as one for a meal in a restaurant or the tab taxpayers have to pay for welfare and “hunter” as "one who searches for or seeks something” and add that to “thunderbird” a brand of cheap wine favored by Blacks, then Tab Hunter leading in his T-bird becomes a lazy freeloading drunken "nigger" is leading the Civil Rights Movement!

Who is going to believe that this is a translation of Bob Dylan, icon of the Civil Rights Movement? Who is going to believe Blowin’ In The Wind is a racist song, a variation of Billie Holiday’s Strange Fruit, in which Dylan has blacks blowing in the wind because they are hanging from the business end of a lynch rope. Who is going to believe that when Dylan wrote “before they’re forever banned” by banned he meant: South African Under the former system of apartheid, to deprive (a person suspected of illegal activity) of the right of free movement and association with others. Dylan compares Israel to Nazi Germany, is a Holocaust revisionist, has been HIV Positive for decades, Dylan was a dope addict

xxxHere is the full verse from Ballad of a Thin Man referred to in the above press release: "You see this one eyed midget" you see a monster with one thought on his mind "shouting the word now" asking for equal rights with Whites, "FREEDOM NOW." "You say for what reason" the media tries to be understanding "And he says HOW" the Blacks are not into higher thought - all they want is what they believe to be their entitlements "You say what does this mean?" does this mean the Civil Rights Movement is just shake-down? "And he screams back You're a Cow" he says in an uncivilized manner You are A Cash Cow "Give me some milk or else go home" give me some of the wealth I never earned or else go home "And something is happening here but you don't what it is, do Mr. Jones?" (Mr. Mediaman).



The man in me will do nearly any task,
And as for compensation, there's little he would ask.
Take a woman like you
To get through to the man in me.

“The man in me will do nearly any task” the Devil in me will do anything I ask him to do except if the task involves doing good because that is where he draws the line “And as for compensation” and as for something given as payment for a service “there's little he would ask” sarcastic; and all the Devil wants is Dylan’s soul, no big deal, so what if his disembodied spiritual essence rots eternally in Hell? “Take a woman like you” takes a scumbag like A. J. Weberman “To get through to the man in me” to reach the Devil, the murderer in me.

Storm clouds are raging all around my door
I think to myself I might not take it anymore.
Take a woman like your kind
To find the man in me.

“Storm clouds are raging all around my door” heavy dark clouds presaging rain or a storm are erupting violently around the perimeter of my home, trouble is brewing due to Weberman publicizing the fact I like to get high on smack, he is stirring up hatred against me, it’s the latest rage “I think to myself I might not take it anymore” I think to myself maybe this is a good time to stop taking heroin until the heat dies down or maybe this is the time to have Al whacked and not have to take his stupid shit anymore “Take a woman like your kind” take a sick bastard like A. J. Weberman “To find the man in me” to find the Devil in me.

But, oh, what a wonderful feeling
Just to know that you are near
Sets my a heart a-reeling
From my toes up to my heels.

“But, oh, what a wonderful feeling” but oh what a great high “Just to know that you are near” just to see that blood rushing up the droppers neck “Sets my a heart a-reeling” it sets my innermost being a-dancin’ “From my toes” from my desire to take drugs “up to my heels” Mr. Tambourine Man 1964, “wait only for my boot heels to be wanderin.’” I can’t wait to boot up!

The man in me will hide sometimes to keep from bein' seen
But that's just because he doesn't want to turn into some machine.
Took a woman like you
To get through to the man in me.

“The man in me will hide sometimes to keep from bein' seen” the Devil in Dylan will use a cut out to put a contract out on Weberman, he will remain unseen “But that's just because he doesn't want to turn into some machine” but that is just because Dylan doesn’t want to have to turn to Organized Crime for help in solving the Weberman problem and be blackmailed for the rest of his life. “Machine” organized group of people whose members are, or appear to be, under the control of one or more leaders “Took a woman like you” took a douche bag nozzle like A. J. Weberman “To get through to the man in me” to get through to the Devil in me. There you have it. A poem in which Dylan admits selling his soul to the Devil.




THE BBC RELEASED A TAPE IN WHICH DYLAN ADMITED HE WAS A HEROIN ADDICT. THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN SAYING FOR DECADES! You can read about Dylan's poems praising heroin in THE DEVIL AND BOB DYLAN - the chapter entitled Hector Schmeckter. So many years have passed and Dylan is still mad at me. I haven't held anymore demonstrations but I have launched a media campaign to show him up for the scumbag that he really is. I published the Dylan to English Dictionary, a first step along the way to understanding Dylanese, then Rightwing Bob and finally a re-working of Rightwing Bob entitled The Devil and Bob Dylan. Then there was the movie, The Ballad of A. J. Weberman. I finally got the fuckers number. The maggot turned out to be totally nuts, a sick self-hating Holocaust denying, HIV-ridden sex addict, Israel hating, dope fiend, racist wanna be Klansman. A fucking nut job. A Jew who supported David Duke. The sad part is that he wasn't always like that - at one point he was a tough, proud, angry Jew who wanted to join the chaya (animal) squad of the Jewish Defense League and go after Nazis. I was the sick one back then as I supported the Palestinians in their effort to establish a homeland which would ultimately be used to attack Israel. I didn't like him doing dugi cause I thought it was dangerous and had an adverse effect on personality. Dylan knew good but choose evil. In Idiot Wind Dylan wrote "One day you'll be in a ditch flies buzzin round your eyes" one day Weberman will be in his grave and the sound of pants flies opening will fill the air as people piss on his grave. We shall see.



Lord Oliver Foot ODed on fucking crack. I knew something was amiss when he asked me to get him some methamphetamine. He said "I got to raise money to cure blindness you know, stay up all night, work hard." Then Oliver tells me, "I spoke to Bob yesterday." I say like Bob who? "Bob Dylan. He says he really doesn't hate you although you brought a mob of people to his home, got his rubbish, bothered his wife." O-liver knew about all of my activities, wrote me checks, and was questioned by the FBI. You can bet O-liver and Dylan did drugs together. O-liver was going to write about me in his autobiography. Oliver was a great guy and like cured blindness. The press first reported his death as a heartattack then 9 months later there was an inquest and exhumation and autopsy and it was determined crack killed him. May he rest in peace and may his memory not be forgotten.